Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nikon's BDC Riflescope Reticle Looks like a Winner

For most hunters that get out and shoot just a few times a year long range shooting is difficult. It also runs the risk of not making a humane shot on game. I have had numerous clients tell me they could kill a deer at ­­­____ yards (You fill in the Yards) with no problem. When I actually had them shoot at that yardage at the ranch range they could not even put a bullet on the target. Do you know how far your bullet drops at 300, 400 or even 500 yards? I bet you don’t and it depends at what range you are sighted in at such as dead on at 100 or 200 yards. If you sighted in dead on at 100 you could be holding 3 feet or more over the target for a 400 yard shot. This method does not allow for very accurate shooting. Nikon has developed a new riflescope with a Ballistic Drop Compensator built into the reticle of the scope. It is a series of circles that allow one to sight the rifle in dead on and then use consecutive circles for shooting at longer known distances. One will need a range finder to know the distance to the target except at a shooting range or where you already know how far the target is away from you. I have been quite impressed with what I have read and a video that is on Nikon’s website. Here is a link to the video if you wish to watch it.

Nikon’s patented bullet drop compensating reticle allows accurate and ethical shot placement at longer ranges. This trajectory compensating reticle is calibrated for trajectories common to centerfire standard and magnum hunting rounds and integrates unique, easy to see “ballistic circles” that provide instant aiming points to take the guesswork out of holdover at longer ranges.

Since I do not work for Nikon or some high dollar hunting magazine I have not been sent a scope to review for you. I am saving my pennies and have now placed an order for a Nikon Monarch with a BDC reticle. Hunting season will be over for most of you by the time I get to mount this scope on a rifle and test it so I wanted to get the information out for you to make your own decisions. I have a brother and a nephew that use Nikon products and swear by them. This will be my first Nikon riflescope. Good shooting, Wild Ed

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