Sunday, December 13, 2009

Game and Trail Cameras are Almost Addictive

Life events both good and bad have kept me from having time for any outdoor adventures for about a month. I have not been able to get away to go hunt or take pictures but I have had two trail cameras working 24 hours a day to keep a record of what has been going on out at our family place. Yesterday while coming back from my daughter’s graduation in Abilene we stopped by just long enough to get the game cameras and check out what was on the SD cards. My wife popped them in her laptop to check out the pictures while I drove the remainder of the trip home. The desire to see what has been recorded in a picture has almost become an addiction in my family. Even my wife finally admitted that “these trail cameras are pretty neat” If you have not yet bought a trail camera and gotten into the game of seeing what happens in the woods when you are not around, go ahead and make the plunge. They are well worth the money and actually are a good tool. They can even be used for security and they are so much fun that they almost become addictive. I can’t wait to see what we record next time, Wild Ed

Here are a few shots off of our cameras.

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Rob said...

Yes they are addictive. I've started building my own trail cameras and have been getting some pretty good shots. Check them out on my hunting journal.

Woodswalker said...

I keep thinking about one...and wondering just what wanders through the woods I'm interested in.