Thursday, July 16, 2009

Texas Heat Wave Hard on Wildlife

I have been very busy of late and have not taken time to get out in the woods much and have not been able to sit down and write an article. One thing I have noticed on my daily excursions is an extreme influx of wildlife into the suburbs, greenbelts and parks around where I live. Deer have been coming into my mother’s yard and eating the cat’s food out of a bowl on the patio. Mom no longer has much left in the flower beds and we had to build a deer proof fence around her garden. I see deer in people’s yards and subdivision greenbelts on a daily basis. Our bird feeders are empty within 48 hours of filling all four and the water in the bird bath is having to be refilled almost daily. Raccoons, squirrels and possums have been raiding the dog feeder and are becoming a problem in some areas. I have been seeing lost pet posters on poles at the entrance to several subdivisions and suspect that coyotes have been helping themselves to the smaller pets in the area. Stock ponds and tanks are drying up all over the state and the usual creeks and streams are no longer a source of water. Now is a critical time to help wildlife by maintaining water sources and putting out supplemental feed. If you have the means and a place to help out make an effort to help wildlife through these hard times.

My sister sent me the above pictures of some deer in her backyard taken with her new camera. It is the Canon EOS XS with a 70-300 mm zoom lens. If you like the pictures taken with this setup more information is available at the following link.

Do what you can to help out the wildlife in your area.
It is worth the effort, Wild Ed

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