Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Texas Backyard Deer

I stopped by my Mom's house yesterday to drop off some feed and check on her deer. It always seems like something happens to the best ones. She is feeding a really nice 8 point and yesterday he showed up with a broken leg. It looked like he had hung his rear left leg in a fence and broke it getting out of the wire. I took a few more pictures but feel he will probably not make it. In the area they frequent their are a lot of small fenced tracts and I do not know how he will get along. We are putting out a water trough in case he just wants to lay around and heal awhile in the yard but I do not think he will stay put. Here are a few more shots for your enjoyment as there might not be many more. These were taken with a Canon XSI and a Canon 55-250 IS lens. You can learn more about the camera at this link.
Do what you can for the wildlife in this drought and remember to keep water out if possible. Wild Ed

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Albert A Rasch said...


Holy smokes what beautiful deer! To bad you don't have any cover right there for him to hole up in. Even a 50' by 20' patch of scrub and tall weeds might convince him to lay up.

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