Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ruger Firearms Needs to Wake Up

Bill Ruger would be embarrassed by what they have done to Ruger Firearms.
Ruger Firearms has lost contact with their customers just like many mega corporations run by people that do not have a passion for what they produce. Ruger has started making cheaper parts and guns. The new 10/22 is mostly plastic and the finish is a crinkle paint. This is a classic rifle and a tremendous success story going down the drain. The last two revolvers I bought from Ruger had to go back to the factory as they did not function. How does a firearm leave a factory to be sold if it will not function? Ruger has been recalling all sorts of firearms and has had nothing but problems and complaints on some of the others if you read the shooting forums. Ruger has long been a favorite of mine but I will not be buying anymore of their firearms unless they change tactics. My newest firearm is a FOREIGN made rifle by CZ even though I would rather have had an American firearm. Ruger needs to go back to the integrity of Bill Ruger and the quality he backed. I guess the current management cannot figure out why Ruger Stock was dropping even before the crash. I hope somebody there wakes up before it is too late. Wild Ed

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