Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homemade Venison or Pork Sausage

Hunting season in Texas is well underway and many have already taken a deer or hog. One of my families favorite foods are the sausage we make every year. There are all types of recipes and methods of making sausage and I have my favorites. I have however found a product that makes it easy and allows most of us to turn out an excellent sausage whether you prefer patty breakfast sausage or link style sausage. This product is called Legg's Old Plantation sausage seasoning blends. I do not have any connection to this company nor do I get a penny from them. The one thing about having your own Blog is that you can say what you think about products and only recommend those that work. The Legg's brand has turned out well for me time after time. I can not come up with my own seasoning mix that will beat their breakfast blend. Just follow the directions and you too can turn out a homemade sausage that you will be proud to put on your table. Good eating, Wild Ed

Here is the link to Legg's Seasonings, I find it at one of my local meat markets.

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