Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flint Knapping Texas Replica Points

When I was a kid I would often find pieces of worked flint or broken arrowheads. Once in a great while we would find a complete point. I always was amazed by the points and wondered about the hunters that made the point. I read of those that could make arrowheads but had never seen one made. Around three years ago I went to a Knap-in and discovered the world of Flintknapping. There are skilled craftsman that can take a rock and turn it into a replica of Indian and prehistoric projectile points beyond belief. Some of these points are almost perfect works of art. I decided to become a flintknapper at that time and started studying the craft. Little did I realize how long and difficult a road I was starting down. I finally finished my second display this year and hung it on the wall. One shadow box for each daughter to have when I am no longer in this world. I have broken hundreds of rocks to get the ones I have made and learned much about how the old hunters created their hunting tools. If you have the extreme patience of Job and access to lots of flint this could be something you might like to try. Good luck, Wild Ed

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