Monday, November 5, 2007

Chopped Brisket Question

A reader sent in this question about Chopped Brisket and I thought many of you might like to hear the answer. Most of us here in Texas take for granted that others should understand how we do things when in reality we are a pretty unique bunch down here.

My husband and I visited the great state of Texas back in the summer. We very much enjoyed the brisket. It is something we cannot get in South Carolina, but we are prepared to attempt one on our one. We plan to use mesquite or oak in our offset smoker. Your recipe is definitely one we will try. We need to know more about how to chop the brisket. We liked both sliced and chopped, but don't quite understand what is involved in chopping the brisket. This is probably a simple question for most, but it remains a mystery to us. I would appreciate any information you might have. Thank you in advance for your time.

Chopped Brisket is simply the ends of the brisket and the fatty parts with meat in them all chopped together into a great tasting concoction that you need to have a heart doctor with you when you eat. Chopping is just dicing and cutting the meat. It allows you to use the fatty meat and blend it together. You can control how moist the chopped is by how much fat you trim before chopping. The lean end of the brisket is best sliced; use the fat end of the brisket for chopped. You can simply cut it up or chop it with a knife or you can even use a food processor but most tend to chop it to much with the processor.
I add extra cracked pepper and sauce to my chopped and heat it in a crock pot. Then spoon onto a warm bun with onions, pickles and hot sauce. We also top baked potatoes with chopped brisket for a hearty meal. Good luck, Wild Ed

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