Sunday, October 7, 2007

Texas Style BBQ Brisket

I was smoking a brisket and some pork loin today for my grand daughter’s birthday and thought some of you might like to know how to BBQ a great brisket.First off pick out a brisket that is very flexible and less fatty if possible. In other words you pick it up and it bends easy back and forth. Start fire in pit, I prefer oak and or dry mesquite. Trim brisket of all excess membrane on lean side. Cut out hard section of fat on lean side up by point and any other hard fat on the brisket. This fat will not render so cut it off. Rinse meat well and pat dry with paper towels.Rub down entire brisket with Rub. Make sure your lump charcoal or wood coals are burning well and around 225-250 degrees or close. Place the brisket directly on the grating and put it fat side down on a smoker or away from the fire on a barrel. This will protect the lean from the heat of your fire and keep it from drying out. I cook it at a constant 225-250 degrees for about an hour per pound or an internal temperature of 185-195 degrees. Place in brown paper sack for last hour or more. Take it off and place brisket still in greasy sack in ice chest with out ice of course for a minimum of 1/2 hour. Then remove and slice across the grain. Cooking in this method will produce a crust or "bark" on the out side of the meat with a great smoke ring. The meat will be extremely juicy and tender with lots of smokey flavor.

Brisket/Wild Game Rub and Steak Seasoning
8 Parts Salt
5 Parts Course Ground Black Pepper
2 Parts Garlic Powder (Not Garlic Salt)
1/2 Part Allspice
1/2 Part Paprika (optional)
Enjoy, Wild Ed

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