Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is Texas Feral Hog Problem Real?

I keep reading all these articles about how bad the feral hog problem in Texas is becoming and all the destruction they are doing to crops and range lands. State biologists now estimate the population at 2 million plus and with all the rain and vegetation this year that could jump to 4 million feral hogs in the State. Feral hogs cause an estimated $52 million dollars in damage in Texas every year and landowners are clamoring for the State to help control the problem.

I have a hard time with using State funds to control feral hogs when there are so many that would be willing to hunt them to help control them. The problem can’t be that bad if Ranchers and Farmers are still insisting on charging high rates for hunters to kill a hog. I have contacted landowners that have said in print or public that they have hog problems and get answers like sure come on out, we charge $250.00 a day but you can only kill one. Any extras are $100.00 each. That sure does not sound like they have a problem they want to get rid of anytime soon to me. Other places charge similar prices with the lowest per day hunts I found of $75.00 with a two day minimum and a one hog per day limit. There is no closed season on feral hogs and no limit set by the State.

The State has passed laws that make trapping and selling of feral hogs very difficult and not profitable so many in the business have quit. There are feral hogs in every county in Texas so what difference would it make where they were taken in the State if they are to be sold for meat.

If people truly want to get rid of the hogs allow hunters to come at reasonable rates and kill whatever they can dress and use. Have underprivileged youth hunts, disabled veterans or whatever club or group you want to come kill them for free. There are lots of hungry people that could use the meat in their diets. Create hunter and landowner clearing houses to get together approved hunters with landowners that need hogs killed. For the landowners that say they have a problem but do not want hunters or want to charge high rates to remove the hogs, let them solve their own hog problem and don’t use our State Tax dollars to help them do it. For others make hunts available at reasonable costs and the hunters will come. Good Hunting, Wild Ed

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ross said...

I agree I watched the discovery channel episode about how bad the problem was and me being a hunter saw an opprotunity. I was going to be in Texas in the spring and thought I might be able to get a hog hunt in. hahaha!!! Everyone I found wants to charge me for helping with their problem. Find someone with a real problem who wants help let me know.