Friday, September 21, 2007

The Texas Caracara

The crested Caracara is one of the more unique raptors on the Texas wildlife scene. It is the national bird of Mexico and referred to often as a Mexican Eagle. It is most often seen in the company of vultures and is comfortable eating road kill or carrion. This long legged raptor is actually a member of the Falcon family even though it does not act very falcon like. The Caracara is a tough bird and often steals kills from other birds of prey. I have seen it steal from hawks, falcons and drive vultures off of a meal. It ranges from tropical South America to North Central Texas. In past years the Caracara was a bird of the South Texas brush country, although I have seen them just south of Abilene in the last few years. Their numbers have been increasing and they are expanding their range. As you travel the roads of this great State keep an eye out for this unusual raptor. Good hunting, Wild Ed

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