Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Texas Bow Season Opener

For all you guys out there hunting with sticks and string Saturday is the day. Be sure your broad heads are sharp and your string is un-frayed. The temperatures are still hot so it is very important that you get your deer or hogs dressed very quickly and put on ice. The final product you eat at home depends on the care you give your game in the field. With all the rain this year promises to be a banner year for big bucks. Be sure the buck you take is a mature deer or one you need to remove from the herd. If you hunt in a county with the new antler restrictions remember the inside spread must be 13 inches to be a legal buck or have one un-branched antler.
To determine if a buck has an inside spread measurement of at least 13 inches, look at the distance from ear-tip to ear-tip on a buck with ears in the alert position (see illustration). The 13-inch or greater inside spread requirement does not apply to any buck that has an un-branched antler.

Have a safe season, Wild Ed

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