Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Family Time In The Texas Outdoors

This past weekend my daughter came in from college to go dove hunting with her mom and I. Opening weekends of dove and deer season have long been a tradition in my family. We always try to make a big deal out of the time by having a good meal and enjoy hunting together. Just a few days before season, there were quite a few dove seen and it promised to be a good opening day. The night before, a front with rain and high winds passed through. You could not buy a dove opening day, but all was not lost. The afternoon was spent shooting targets with shotgun, rifle and pistol. Feeders and stands were checked and made ready for the coming deer season. When asked how many dove we got, the answer was none since not a shot was fired at dove. Every one said you must have had a bad time. Not in the least, opening day will be a good memory in my mind for years to come of our daughter making her first trip back home just to hunt (be) with mom and dad. Love ya Meg, Wild Ed (Dad)

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