Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Mustang Grape Time in the Texas Hill Country

We have been so busy here at WildWoods with the droughts return, lambing, baby chicks and ducks along with training guardian dogs, feeding bottle babies, shotgun and pistol shooting lessons,  remodeling a house in Round Rock to sell and much more.  We had some grapes this year so Jena picked a bunch and has been busy making grape jelly. I put eleven gallons of Mustang grape wine in the carboys to ferment.  I need to start a new poultry coop and I hope to get back to write some serious articles in the near future.  Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy, Wild Ed




Jeb Texas said...

Just wanted to say Thank You! again for the mustang grape jelly recipe, and for the carne guisada. We are picking the last of the grapes Saturday, they were very late this year.

Wild Ed said...

Jeb our grapes were real scattered in quality and ripeness. Some never finished. We did pick enough to make jelly for the year and I have eleven gallons of wine fermenting right now. We had a glass of our 2013 Mustang wine last night and it turned out great. Hope this years is just as good. The hard part is letting it sit for a year or two. Ed