Sunday, June 22, 2014

Slow Smoked Lamb

Our Spring born lambs are up to the 60-80 pound weight range and ready to slaughter.  I had a couple of lambs to deliver to the processer for clients and took one for us.  We decided to have fresh lamb ribs and steaks on the smoker yesterday.  They were simply coated with a salt, pepper, garlic and allspice rub and slow smoked over cured live oak coals.  What a fantastic supper we had of smoked lamb and stewed garden squash with onions, fresh from my uncle's garden.  Sitting on the veranda eating and watching the view of the ranch was one of the highlights of our day.  I hope your evening was just as enjoyable, Wild Ed


ChileFarmer said...

492Ed, you got it looking great. Love the color. What internal temp do you cook your lamb? I haven't eaten a lot of lamb. The lamb here is very pricey when you find it. I have eaten many goats. I buy goat here at our Mexican store. But not often, the cut they sell are just the bonier cuts. Bill

Wild Ed said...

Bill I am not a precise BBQ chef as I just cook it till it is tender and looks like I want it to look. On the ribs the meat pulls back from the end of the bone and when you lift a rack it wants to bend or even break. I cook it long an slow with the pit temps around 225-250 degrees if I was guessing. You can always cook it some more if need be but you can not un-cook it so I taste it once in a while. Somebody has to do it.

We sell live lambs and deliver it to our clients processor or they just take it home for slaughter. The cost figures out around $5.00-6.00 per pound of processed meat. My favorite is the ribeyes or backstrap cuts. My wife prefers the tender ribs. Ed