Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hunter's First Hog

I got an email from a close friend of mine this week with a picture of his youngest son and a nice sow hog he took on a Dad-and-Son hunt.  The following is as the proud father relayed it to me.

"I’ve been trying for a bit to get Hunter a buck to shoot at and last year it just did not happen. Colton managed a nice buck but Hunter just kinda got left out. This year we headed out Sunday morning about 4 am and sat in a new stand just to see what would appear. As the sun came up the bobwhites started calling and we just kinda enjoyed the morning. It was not too cold so just the sitting was really enjoyable. Everything was out in force. Dove, quail, foxes, and birds everywhere. But not even a sign of a deer. About the time we were gonna pull out I noticed some hog squealing in the distance so we just sat tight to see if they were coming our way. I got the go pro camera in position and sure enough I could see a few hogs headed our way. I could easily see the black hogs in the group but noticed a few white ones as well. I told him to shoot which ever hog he could sex as a female but no black hogs. Everybody shoots a black hog. I wanted something different for Hunter. I heard the safety flip to fire on his Marlin XTC bolt action chambered in 25-06 and shortly after a perfectly placed shot was fired, Hunter had a nice hog on the ground. A little educating later and Hunter had a cleaned and skinned sow in the ice chest."

Now for the BBQ. 
Congrats on your first hog, Hunter, Wild Ed

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