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Musgrave/Woodman Wedding

I have a niece that is a teacher in a small town up on the Llano Estacado.  Llano Estacado means Staked Plains and there are also many stories to explain the name.  Some say the early Spanish explorers drove wood stakes in the sea of grass so they could find their way back.  Others say it means palisaded plains or stagnant water for the many little playa lake depressions that hold water for a while in the wet season.  Anyways most everybody except the Buffalo and the Comanche got lost up there...  Back to my niece, Meggan the teacher, she found this young man up there somewhere on the plains and made him her "choice" for a husband.  Chois has one of those names you remember.  He is a nice enough young man and we were able to have the discussion about what happens to men that mistreat women in our family.  He will now be able to pass the dull deer antler story to the next generation.  My wife will tell you about the wedding in a proper write-up below, I just wanted to say it was a wonderful outdoor wedding in the high country on the Montaraz Ranch with the Capitan Mountains in the background.
On the way back to Ruidoso that night it was drizzling rain and a cat the size of a bobcat ran out in front of the truck right in the headlights.  As I hit the brakes and yelled bobcat, so my wife would see it, I realized it had a long tail to go with the spots.  It was a cougar kitten, one of those animals you catch a glimpse of once in a lifetime if you are lucky.  The kitten made it to the far side of the road and ran into the dark pines putting an end to a great day.  Meggan and Chois may you have many adventures along the way just as Jena and I have had for the last forty years.  

Best Wishes in your journey, Uncle Ed and Aunt Jena


 Musgrave/Woodman Wedding
June 15, 2013

 It was a special celebration in the mountains above Ruidoso, New Mexico.  The soft bubbling of the pond’s fountain complimented the nays of nearby horses as the guests were seated on a scenic plateau framed by the beautiful pine-covered mountains.  Facing a large, handmade cross the audience smiled as the mothers and wedding party found their places.  Even the couple’s dog, Moose, was a part of the ceremony, decked out in his necktie collar.  Planters made from large hollowed logs decorated the front as vows were exchanged and jars of family soil were mixed to nurture a new tree’s beginning. 

After the rings arrived wrapped inside a baseball thrown to the Brother of Honor, and the new Mr. and Mrs. Woodman were introduced, the pairs of bridesmaids and groomsmen danced down the aisle following close behind.  Signage directed the guests to a buffet of Mexican Food set up under lighted trees and on top of thick-cut pine boards balanced on old whiskey barrels.  A candy store was recreated with large jars of family member favorites.  Brown paper sacks encouraged everyone to gather several different kinds of candies and to carry to the lighted tables.  

Earlier in the day, a brunch was served on the lawn with many games being played all around the lodge’s pond.  The day had been beautiful and clear.  As evening fell and the dances were called for Dad & Bride followed by Mom & Groom, the air was perfect with a slight cool breeze.  Fun happened.  Dancing and laughter arose.  A storm was seen in the distance and a short rain threatened to move all the festivities indoors, but dining and dancing continued and the rain did not.  

The wedding and reception were sprinkled with intricate details that added pizzazz to the memories captured. Burlap table cloths, wood slice center pieces with mason jars and flowers evoked a Pinterest perfect set-up.  After the cake was cut and shared and the guest book passed around for all to sign, glow sticks were whirled overhead and well wishes blessed the escaping bride and groom.  A perfect end to a perfect day. 

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Nice, I wish them long lives and much happiness.
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