Friday, May 17, 2013

The Day After The Rain Came

Have you ever noticed how the land seems to recover and everything comes back to life after a rain?  We have been living with drought now for so long in Lampasas County that what happens after a rain is now very special instead of common place.  My wife and I took time to drive around the place today and notice the land and birds coming back to the way they should be.  I just hope this is not a tease and we get enough rain to keep the grazing and give all the wildlife a chance this year.  I took pictures from the picnic table at our barn bird feeders, out in the pasture and even over the fence on my Uncle Bob's place.  Some are of flora and fauna while others are of past property owner's history that still stands as testimony to those that made a go of it in this part of Texas. I hope you enjoy them all.  Get out when you get a chance and notice what happens after a rain.  Sometimes all we need to fix the land is to just add water, Wild Ed





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