Monday, April 8, 2013


All the feeding and protection of the Turkeys on our place is paying off.  We have had some visitors at the feeders this week and I thought you might like to see some of them.  Some of the hens appear to be on the nest so it looks like we will have Turkeys at "Wildwoods" in the future. My brother and I have decided to get our turkey at HEB this year, we kind of like having the wild ones around.  Wild Ed




Leigh Perry said...

I think it's way cool that you and your brother are working to preserve wild turkeys in your area. That's being a responsible hunter. My hat is off to you.

Do you raise any turkeys? There are some heirloom breeds that are really good eating, and really pretty too! W
Wish I could get a bunch of feathers from one! I make hats, jewelry, ceramics and anything else I can figure out how to do, lol!

Wild Ed said...

We do not raise any at this time but hope to do so in the future. We are going to hatch out some wild ones in the future to release and add to the local population.