Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wildlife Feeders Important in Drought

My brother and I have kept our game feeders going this year after the season as we are in a severe drought and food is scarce for the wildlife.  We are always amazed at the plethora of creatures that come to the feeders for a hand out.  The deer are looking pretty ragged this winter and without some help many would not make.  Keeping water troughs flowing has been just as important as supplemental food.  The feeders and water trough have become the center of life for much of the wildlife on our place.  We see animals from tiny field mice to the fox and bobcats that hunt the smaller mammals.  Birds are in abundance but do not show well on the game cam pictures.  We even get some strange creatures that we sometimes can't even identify.  I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from my brothers feeders in the last month.  Help the wildlife when you can so the resource will be there for future generations.  Wild Ed

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Rick Kratzke said...

Awesome pics, I sure wish I was better situated to keep some feed out there for all the critters we have running around.