Friday, January 11, 2013


I have had too many irons in the fire here of late and have not had time to update the blog.  I went by our place today to check the feeders for the deer.  I found that one of the feeder pens was badly damaged and the heavy feeder and stand turned over.  Being older, fatter and the fact that it was wet, cold and muddy made a hard job of fixing the damage.  I took the time of setting the feeder back up for the deer.  In the process I pulled my back and will have to work on it some more next trip. From the looks of things the deer had not fed for a couple of days and the supplemental feed is critical to our deer population during this extended drought.  Even though the feeder was still going off I imagine the change in looks was enough to spook the deer from jumping in the feed pen. I am sure they will return now that it is looking like normal and putting out feed.  I was glad for the rain and hope it is not too late to help out our wildlife.

After arriving home and looking at the game camera pictures I found the vandals caught on film and thought you might enjoy the blow by blow account of the crime as it took place. 

On camera this week I also was surprised to find a large bobcat patrolling the yard where we put out feed for livestock and wildlife.  There are a lot of rodents, rabbits and deer show up for a handout and I guess he has established this as his personal buffet location. The pictures were from a distance with blackout lights so they are not the best quality to print here, but maybe you can make him out. Until next time enjoy the outdoors, do what you can for the wildlife and most of all stay safe.  Wild Ed

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That looks like a good sized bobcat.

I guess it's capital punishment for the cows.

Hope your back gets better fast!