Thursday, September 13, 2012

Texas Deer Feeders Help All Kinds of Wildlife

My brother and I have been amazed at all the wildlife showing up on the trail camera pictures at our feeders.  We have had all sorts of birds, small rodents, squirrels, rabbits, predators, turkeys and deer come by for a handout. Some of the birds coming by have really surprised us.  We have had visits by Scrub Jays, Eurasian Ring necked Dove, Crows, Vultures and Ravens along with various hawks and owls that just show up as a blur on the cameras as they make a pass through hoping to grab dinner. We don't have hogs yet so none of those, but we have seen them only a few miles away so it is probably just a matter of time.  Even though we have had some rain we are still way behind and it looks like it might be a hard winter for lots of critters.  Corn prices are going sky high but feed what you can as the wildlife will need a helping hand.  We just finished plowing and planting our winter food plots and are praying for rain to bring them up for the winter. 
Since we have started mixing in some song bird feed with the corn at the feeders the amount of song and game birds coming to the feeders has really increased.  Here are some pictures I thought you guys might enjoy seeing, Wild Ed

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