Thursday, August 9, 2012

Central Texas Doves in Abundance for Now

I saw hundreds of dove west of Lampasas this last weekend with some of the electric lines just outside town covered with birds.  There are very few crops in the area so they must be feeding on Croton and wild Sunflowers.  I saw the first Eurasian and White Winged doves to stop at our place last Saturday. There has been enough moisture to grow lots of Croton and Sunflowers along with other seed producing weeds this spring but in some areas the drought is taking over.  I saw abundant dove all along the 183 corridor on the return trip to Austin.  If the food holds out and the tanks don’t dry up we might even have a decent shoot the first week of dove season.  It has been a long time since we had a good shoot on our place.  Of course it could always rain during the last few days of August and disperse the dove leaving us with just a few to hunt this year.  We will just watch and see what happens, and even if they get dispersed to other parts of the State that will be ok as we really need the rain.  Hoping you have a good season, Wild Ed

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