Friday, February 10, 2012

Vanishing Bees

I got involved with beekeeping several months ago.  I currently have one hive and two more on the way.  Along the way I have learned a great deal about bees and how they are responsible for a large portion of the food on our tables.  Most of the food we grow is pollinated by bees and without this pollination the amount of food in this country will decrease dramatically.  The bees have been disappearing at a frightening pace, not speculation but a proven fact.  The Government has been dragging their feet on taking action even though other countries have banned poisons that are killing our bees.  What really scares me is the substances are getting into our farm soils and water tables.  What will they do to us or what are they already doing to us?  Take a moment to watch this video and then scream to everyone you know to watch it and contact your representatives and congressmen to get these substances off the market.  There comes a time when profit is not a good enough motive or a good enough excuse to destroy our environment and maybe even us. 

Yesterday I went to check my bees and found a large number of the pollen gatherers dead just outside the hive and on the ground around the hive.  Some kind of poison is killing them.  They still had pollen in the carriers on their legs.  Please be careful with pesticides and herbicides around your house and yard for if they are killing the bees they very well may be killing us, Wild Ed

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