Thursday, January 26, 2012

Learning All About Muzzleloading & BlackPowder

It never fails that when I write on Black Powder shooting or hunting I get emails with questions about where do you buy this or that and where do you go for information. If you can send me an email then you have the tools at hand for unlimited information at your fingertips if you will only look. One can go to YouTube and type in for instance flintlock, blackpowder, or muzzleloading and get more than you can watch in a day. Just remember not everyone that puts something on YouTube knows what they are doing. There are all sorts of reference pages on the internet if you just plug in the words for a search engine to bring up page after page of information. There is no end to the companies that would like to sell you something or provide something at a cost. There are a ton of videos available from the major suppliers so that you can learn what ever you wish to do related to blackpowder or traditional muzzleloading. Some people like to shop at the big box sporting goods stores such as Cabelas or Bass Pro and that is fine they just won’t really have much traditional stuff, but I buy percussion caps from them just to avoid the hazmat fees sometimes. The following links are places I go to find information or to discuss issues with others involved in the sport. Some are reference pages I found helpful, others are the places that I shop for the supplies, books and equipment I need to keep me shooting. Several are just wish list places that if I ever win the lottery I will order one of their custom guns.

This is my favorite place to shop for Traditional supplies and equipment. The catalog is worth the price for the pictures and reference use alone.

These is my favorite two must take magazines that cover muzzleloading and other topics.

The following are gun builders, suppliers or lists that have everything you ever wanted to know about muzzleloading but were afraid to ask links.

The above list is in no way complete as there are tons of other places to find out about muzzleloading and supplies. If you click on the links at each place they will lead you to more and more information, this list is much more than I had to start with in the sport and will provide you with enough information to keep you reading for many informative hours.

The next few links are website forums where you can converse with the people that shoot black powder firearms on a regular basis. Many have been in the sport for decades and some are brand new but all share in the conversations. Feel free to jump in and ask questions for there is someone out there that would be proud to share their knowledge with someone just like you. Many belong to clubs and there could be a club in your area. Get out and make some white smoke of your own. Shoot straight and keep your powder dry, Wild Ed

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