Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Texas Wildfires

Texas fire fighters were fighting over 60 different fires in Texas over the Labor Day weekend, many are still not under control. Over 3.6 million acres and 1,000 plus homes have been burned since the fire season started. Some 600 of the homes in the last weekend. There are people and livestock all over the State with no place to go. Many people did not get anything out of their homes as the fires moved so quickly in the high winds we had this last weekend. Over 80,000 people have been evacuated from their homes.

The State was already in terrible shape for wildlife and livestock as most pastures have nothing to eat. Feed and hay prices have gone through the ceiling due to the drought. The fires have destroyed ranches and farms that have livestock that which will not be able to survive on the scorched land. Many Central Texas livestock operations are in need of feed and water. Wildlife rescue people are being taxed to the limit with wildlife victims of the fires. If you have the means to help any of these please get involved and do what you can.

Firefighters, many are volunteers, have been working long hours in fighting the fires. They also need food and supplies along with places to rest. Many families could use anything extra that people use day to day. I am not listing the help centers as they are different all over the State.

This is a link to a site to send aid to the firefighters.

Or you can contact the Red Cross of Central Texas

Many churches and other organizations are setting up help for families and firefighters. Landowners in the area that were not burned have been donating pastures for livestock that has no where to go. If you contact officials you can find out where to help in your area. Do what you can, Wild Ed

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