Sunday, July 31, 2011

Texas Dove Hunting Outfitters Wanted

Some of my most treasured memories are of dove hunts that I went on as a youngster with my father. Later memories are of my daughters going along with me and dropping that first dove out of the air. With the cost of shotguns, shells, fuel and mostly places to hunt this gets harder and harder to do each year. This is a real shame as we need to keep instilling the love of hunting in the next generation.

Every year I get requests for referrals of Texas Dove Hunting Outfitters that provide dove hunts at a reasonable price for families. I am not talking about the $500.00 a day per person fancy deals. I am talking about a place where a Mom or Dad can afford to take a child or two and provide them a classic day of dove shooting. If they can hunt more than one type of dove such as Mourning, White Wing, Pigeons and or Eurasian it would even be better. What we are interested in here is providing some young people with lots of targets and a chance to learn wing shooting at an affordable price. I you have such a deal or if you hunt with a family friendly outfitter that has hunts available send me an email and tell me about the hunt along with the cost. Email WildEd or post in the comments below. I will forward the information and post a contact here on my blog if I think it is something my readers would like. Take a kid hunting this year, Wild Ed

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Ian Nance said...

Great idea. It has become difficult to find productive field in florida. Best of luck!