Saturday, July 23, 2011

Corn Bandits Back in Force

As much as my family and I enjoy watching the raccoons it seems like they move in and invite all their family members to visit every time food and water becomes scarce. At $10.00 per 50 pound bag it is expensive enough to supplement the deer and turkey in this drought. We don't mind a few handouts to the coons either but when they tear the motors off the feeders or spin the fan until a feeder is empty in just a few nights something has to be done. They have taken to tearing up the hummingbird feeders, chewing off the plastic bases and turning over the bird waterers. It want be long now before some of them are invited to leave the place. I thought you guys might enjoy this picture taken at my brother's feeder this last week. I think he threw a special party for the raccoons and must have sent out invitations. Wild Ed

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