Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Queen of the Sun, What the Bees are Telling Us

I have been doing quite a bit of study into the life and habits of bees so that I will be able to keep a hive of bees. I would like to provide all that they need to be healthy naturally and maybe supply my family with a little honey on the side. I am finding that bees live in a very complex society and do some very incredible things. The more I learn the more I realize the collapse of bee populations will most likely lead to the collapse of the human population. Our very existence and the complete food chain is so intertwined as to not be able to function without our natural pollinators. Take a moment to watch the trailer below. You may need to go down to the bottom of this page and cut off or mute my play list so that the music does not interfere with your hearing the trailer. If you get the chance to see this movie do so and take your kids along. I think it will be very educational and thought provoking. It may make some of you decide to become beekeepers yourselves just as I have. The bees will appreciate it and so will generations to come,

Wild Ed

Here is a link to the official movie page where you can learn more and find screenings in your area http://www.queenofthesun.com/

In 2006, beekeepers around the world began reporting a strange and troubling phenomenon -- the population of their hives was shrinking dramatically, with the insects disappearing for reasons unknown to their minders, and in time close to a third of the world's honeybee population had seemingly vanished. While this was of great concern to people who produced honey for market, they were not the only ones worried; bees help pollinate many major cash crops, including a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts and beans, and what's come to be known as Colony Collapse Disorder has far-reaching consequences for the international agricultural community. With bees involved in the growth of forty percent of the world's food, restoring the global bee population is of crucial importance, and filmmaker Taggard Siegel examines the role of bees in agriculture and the ecosystem, leading theories about CCD, possible solutions, and the theories of Rudolph Steiner in the documentary Queen Of The Sun. In the 1920s, Steiner was a leading biologist who believed crossbreeding of honeybees could lead to the doom of the species; over eighty years later, are Steiner's notions becoming reality? Queen Of The Sun was an official selection at the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival.

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