Thursday, March 10, 2011

700 Pound Texas Gator Killed Outside Bastrop

A near 700 pound alligator was found dead on Wilbarger Creek near Bastrop Texas. Poachers had shot the large gator that was almost 12 feet long out of season and were unable to get the monster out of the creek. The alligator was decaying when located by Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens. The skin and meat were not salvageable. The skull will be used for education or placed in a museum. An alligator this large is very uncommon for this part of the state. Tips from Facebook postings about the shooting have resulted in a suspect that Texas Game Wardens plan to charge with the illegal killing this week.

You may wish to scroll to the bottom of the page and cut the sound for the music to listen to the video



Dude, that's a BEEEEG Gator! Wowsa, I've seen big gators in other easternmost parts of the state, maybe 8-9 feet long, and a few near Matagorda about that same size, but that IS a big gator for this fer inland.

I've always said there was no reason to carry a handgun as big as a .44 magnum when trapsing near lakes, ponds, rivers and creeks since we don't have bears in Texas. But whew, I'd feel undergunned with a .357 and a rascal that big.

I wonder how old that sucka was?

Wild Ed said...

TPWD staff said that the Gator would take 50 plus years to get that long. Ed

Ian Nance said...

That's a goodie, for sure.