Monday, February 21, 2011

Real Free Range Eggs

Farm fresh egg vs commercial egg

How many of you have ever tasted a real egg. I am not talking about the eggs you buy at the grocery store even if they say cage free, organic or whatever label they put on them. I am talking about real farm fresh free range eggs. Eggs from chickens that roam around on pasture eating natural foods like bugs, grasshoppers, worms, greens and such with maybe some grain supplemental food. The yolks of these eggs are not flat and yellow but stand up firm and have a fresh orange color to them. They make wonderful omelets and bakery goods. A couple sunny side up make a great breakfast and the taste is so much better than what we get from commercial layers. It has been some twenty five years since we had our own free range chickens, but I am looking forward to having them again. I still stop and buy free range eggs from chicken farmers every now and then just to enjoy them again. Many local farmers markets have someone that sells real free range eggs and they are worth the money.

With the turn in the economy and everyone going back to green living many towns and municipalities are again allowing residents to have backyard chickens. You might check your area and see if you could have them. A small coop with 3-4 laying hens or even bantams could supply your egg needs and they would not be laced with antibiotics and chemicals. Get out and find a source for some real eggs and see if you agree that they just taste better, Wild Ed


Matt Elder said...

I was lucky enought to try some for the first time a couple months ago. They were with out a doubt the best eggs I've ever had.

Anonymous said...

I grew up on farm fresh eggs, I'll take them over commercial any day. I like that chicken coup, that is quite the bungalo.

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RR. The Kamper Man said...

A big difference in color and taste. We used to have hens many years ago that roamed free in the backyard and could enjoy a "surplus" of wonderful eggs.
Not anymore.