Saturday, January 1, 2011

Special Deals for Hunters and Outdoorsmen

I always try to let my readers know when I run across a deal so here is the latest one I found. I was looking at my old .243 the other day and wondering about the condition of the barrel. I have been shooting it now for 50 years and it has had a ton of ammo pushed out that barrel. I decided to try and pick up a new barrel to keep in reserve to replace the one on the rifle at present. I also thought about refinishing the old stock and decided I might just put a new one on it instead. While reading my email I ran across this deal on a nice camo fiberglass stock just for the Remington 700 ADL short action rifle. I just received it and am very pleased with the stock. It came with swivel studs installed and one of the Remington recoil reducing butt pads of the exact size to fit the stock, all this for less than $59.00. The stock is now sold out and you can not get one. The point is how I saw the deal. I signed up for special email deals from Sportsman’s Guide. They often have closeouts and special buys that they pass on to those that have signed up for their email notices. Sure I see lots of things that I don’t need or want but every once in a while I find a heck of deal that seems like it is just for me. They also send out catalogs with tons of outdoor equipment and clothing that are great for library reading. They have always taken back anything that I was not happy with for any reason.
You might want to give them a try, Wild Ed

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