Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brad's Burgers Lampasas Texas A #1 By Me

Yesterday my wife and I were up at the family place in Lampasas to fill the deer feeders and check on the oats in the food plots. We have had no rain since planting and only a few oats have sprouted due to the moisture in the ground. We worked up a pretty good appetite and decided to eat in Lampasas on the way back home. We usually grab a bite at a fairly famous burger joint or a chain chicken place there in town. My Uncle Bob had told me the next time I ate in Lampasas to stop at this place many of the locals go called Brad's Burgers. It was easy to find just a half block off of the west side of 183 across from Sonic's side parking lot. At first sight Brad's is a hole in the wall drive through Burger Joint where you order from your vehicle and one of the guys brings your food out to the truck. There is a place to sit outside but it is not much of one. You may prefer to go to the park or eat in the vehicle. That aside the Cheese Burger was one of the best I have had in quite a while. The French Fries were the frozen crinkle type but served golden brown, hot and salty, they were done to perfection. My wife commented several times on how good her food was compared to what we usually got at the other place. The prices were reasonable and the servings more than adequate. I have since been told that next time I need to try Brad's Onion Rings and Chicken Fried Steak Dinner, I can assure you I will soon. Just thought if you are going through that part of the country you might like to try them out. Wild Ed

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texasflyfisher said...

On our way to camp at Dinosaur Valley State Park last weekend we actually passed through Lampasas and I remember seeing Brad's as we drove through. Had I only known a week ago, I would have stopped. Around here in Cedar Park, Moonie's Burgers makes a good tasting, albeit a somewhat greasy, burger.