Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Texas Style Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Every year as hunting season rolls around I get email asking me how to make sausage. Someone killed a feral pig at their lease the other day and wanted to know if I had a breakfast sausage and a link sausage recipe they could try. I will only cover the breakfast sausage in this article and leave smoked link BBQ sausage for later in the season.

The main issue in sausage making to me is the meat. Feral hogs and deer are too lean to make sausage that will bind and that will fry up crisp so you have to add fat in the form of fatty domestic pork meats. You can use hog jowls, fatback or just grind in some pork butts. Add enough fat or fatty meat that the sausage will fry up without having to add oil to the frying pan. My favorite blend is 60% venison and 40% pork butt. This makes a lean sausage that will still fry crisp.

There are all types of recipes and methods of making sausage and I have my favorites. After 40 years of making sausage from venison and wild hogs I have come to the conclusion that there is no better recipe than the following. I know this is not from scratch but it is very good and always consistent to the taste.

This product makes it easy and allows most of us to turn out an excellent sausage whether you prefer patty breakfast sausage or link style breakfast sausage. The product is Legg's Old Plantation Sausage Seasoning blends. I do not have any connection to this company nor do I get a penny from them. The one thing about having your own Blog is that you can say what you think about products and only recommend those that work. The Legg's brand has turned out well for my family time after time. I have not come up with my own seasoning mix that will beat their breakfast blend. Just follow the directions and you too can turn out a homemade sausage that you will be proud to put on your table. Good eating, Wild Ed

Here is the link to Legg's Seasonings, I find it at one of my local meat markets.



Albert A Rasch said...

Dang it Ed!

I'm starving for some good food out here in the Afghan wilderness, and you show me a plate of the real good stuff!

Best Regards,
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Wild Ed said...

Wish I could just send a plate right over. Keep your head down, Ed.