Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out

My wife and I left this morning for a trip to Government Canyon State Park to visit the facility there that is supposed to be run on solar and wind power. We had seen a program about the park on the TPWD show on KLRU public TV. It also showed the water gathering along with wind direction panels to help with cooling and saving of energy. We are hoping to start our home in the country sometime soon and to use some energy saving building methods. I was also hoping to post pictures and tell each of you about the park and the facilites. After the long drive to the park entrance near Helotes you can imagine our disappointment to find the gate locked and a sign saying they were open only on Friday-Monday. I saw no mention of this on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Main Government Canyon SNA page on the net but I did not read all the way to the bottom. I since went back and started searching for more information and finally found schedules near the bottom of the page saying it was closed Tuesday through Thursday. I have a hard time with a State Park being closed three days a week during the Summer and really no notice anywhere except at the park entrance and way down at the bottom of the page on the net is a schedule of times. We head out to a Colorado Bend, Inks Lake, Abilene State Park and others without checking the schedule. You just expect State Parks to be open in the summer. I am pretty sure that none of TPWD people care what I think, but I would sure think that information on closings would be in large letters across the park website page somewhere near the top of the page where most people look for information on the park. Hope your day went better than mine. I’ll cool off in a day or so, Wild Ed

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