Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Texas Style Catfish Lunch

Once in a while a true Texan has to have a meal that basically the whole meal is fried food. Sometimes it is a taste for a chicken fried steak and sometimes it is just a meal of fried chicken. As the weather gets hot some of us go fishing once in a while and the result of that is a fried catfish lunch. Today we had fried catfish, fried jalapeƱos; fried onion rings with a side of pan fried potatoes. I sliced some tomatoes fresh from the garden just so I could say I ate something healthy that was not fried. For all of you health nuts all of the above was fried in olive oil. It sure was good, Wild Ed


texasflyfisher said...

I like that meal! What do you use for breading for the fish? I've tried many and of all we like to use H.E.B.'s Hill Country Fare Lemon Fish Fry.

Wild Ed said...

I make my own from cornmeal and bread crumbs seasoned with brisket rub, garlic powder and a little red pepper. Just dip the fish in milk and egg wash, shake in the breading mixture until coated well, fry until golden brown and enjoy.

Bill Trussell said...

You guys out there in Texas know how to prepare a meal and make it look good to taste at the same time. One of my favorite meals. Fillet bluegill is another favorite too.