Sunday, March 14, 2010

Customer Service Alive and Well at American Hunter

I have had several of the American Hunter brand deer feeders on our family place at Lampasas for several seasons. They are an economical feeder and are mostly plastic components. I realize you can buy a lot more expensive all metal feeders, but I was trying to put out several feeders and stay within budget. I was into my third season on one of the feeders when the week before Christmas cows broke into the feeder pen and broke the timer and feeder motor completely off of the barrel. The barrel and legs were still in great condition so I told my daughter I would have to get a new timer and motor and fix it when I could. She liked to hunt that particular feeder and surprised me with an American Hunter Pro Feeder Kit for Christmas with instructions to fix the feeder where she liked to hunt. To make a long story short the new feeder motor was installed but never worked correctly. It also had a crack in the plastic housing around where the battery was housed. After it had dumped two barrels of corn on the ground I took it off and sent it back to American Hunter. Since I had gotten it as a gift I had no receipt and knew my daughter would not have a receipt. I was not sure what American Hunter would do when I sent the feeder back. I returned the feeder to American hunter with a letter telling the problem but did not have high hopes.

The mail person just dropped off a package today from American Hunter and when I opened it there was a brand new pro feeder kit in the box. Any company can have a defective product once in a while but the company that stands behind their products are the ones I will do business with in the future. Just thought you might like to know about these guys if you are looking for an economical game feeder. Wild Ed

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