Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learning to be a Predator Hunter

I get emails and calls from people all the time that have decided they want to learn to call predators. Many believe that you just buy a call and go out and start shooting coyotes, bobcats, fox and other predators. Sometimes someone gets lucky and then wonders what happened to the magic. Others start hunting predators after livestock, deer fawns or other game remains are found after being taken down and eaten by predators. In some areas the take of fawns, lambs and kid goats is unbelievable and is often the result of only a few coyotes. Learning how to take predators consistently is just like anything else. You have to put your time, money and effort into becoming an efficient predator hunter. If you learn on your own it can take years to become really good at the sport. There is a way to become proficient in less time and shorten the learning curve. There are dozens of books and hundreds of DVDs out that can teach you how to become an effective predator hunter while going along on hunts with the experts. The DVDs I am going to recommend are all by Texas hunters that can show you what works here at home. There are lots of good videos out there but the Texas guys hunt mostly just like you and I need to in order to fool the predators in our environments.

The first DVD I recommend is Hunting the Night Shift.
These guys hunt out of Midland, Texas and have produced the manual on how to do it right at night.

The next DVD I recommend is Ultimate Predator, Rulers of the Night.
This is another group of Texas boys that will show you how it is done in the dark.

For daytime calling I would recommend any of the DVDs put out by Byron South.
Byron is an East Texas hunter that will show you how to bring them in to the call during the daylight hours.

As far as books the classic is The Critters Come When Called by Russell Tinsley.
It is based on the calling adventures of the Burnham Brothers. If you can find a copy buy it.

The next two books I like are from Krause publications and available at the following link at a special price. They are very good in giving you the basics of predator calling and one comes with a good DVD as a bonus.
The Complete Predator Hunter by Michael Schoby along with Predator Calling with Gerry Blair both of these books should be in your library.

Here are some links to my favorite Predator Hunting Forums and Blogs where you can ask questions of some of the best predator hunters around.

Predator calling is one of the fastest growing hunting sports but also an efficient way to manage predators and protect wildlife and livestock. Have fun out there calling em in but above all be safe, Wild Ed

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