Friday, January 8, 2010

Mounted Cowboy Shooting Champ is a Cowgirl

Photo Brian Anthony

I remember as a kid growing up in West Texas my friends and I all had our heroes on TV. We would sit around and watch them jump on their horses and chase the bad guys in living black and white television. Most of the times they would draw their colt 45 revolvers and shoot the guns out of the bad guys hands and save the day. Sometimes they actually shot the bad guys but most of those shots just winged them and they would go off to jail. To make a long story short we dreamed of riding around on our horses and shooting off our guns. For a long time it was just riding around on our bicycles and shooting our daisy BB guns. Later in life I got the horses and the guns and found out how difficult it really was to shoot off a horse. It took a lot of training to have a horse even put up with the loud firearms reports over or around it's head. I soon discovered it was more useful to dismount and just shoot near the horse when hunting.

There is a sport growing by leaps and bounds in this country called Cowboy Action Shooting. Thousands of Americans are stepping back in history by wearing the old time clothes and shooting firearms straight out of the Old West. One division of this sport is mounted shooting. It is kind of like barrel racing but you have to draw two different revolvers and shoot 10 balloons while racing the clock with your horse. The embedded video will show Champion Kenda Lenseigne and her horse perform the feat in an 11 second run much better than I can explain.

Congrats Kenda my daughters are proud of you. They have always believed that girls can shoot better than boys anyways. Wild Ed

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome Ed. The video was pretty neat to, I know I was impressed.