Monday, January 25, 2010

More Fun With Our Trail Camera

I knew I would be laid up a while from an upcoming surgery so at the end of deer season I took a bag of persimmons, from a Japanese persimmon tree in our back yard, up to the ranch. We just put them out in a big pile and put the trail cam on them to see what would show up. I have been cooped up in the house after surgery for almost a week so yesterday my wife got me out of the house and drove me up to the place to get some sun and fresh air. While we there we pulled the memory card from the trail cam monitoring the persimmon pile and were surprised by the visitors. Besides the usual cows and deer we had some other visitors. I thought you might enjoy the pictures. If you have any unique visitors to any of your trail cams send us the pictures and we will pass them on if possible. May your trail cams go off timely, Wild Ed

Here are few shots of a Great Horned Owl and the rare Texas Pasture Monster I was able to capture with my camera on the trip.

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