Friday, January 1, 2010

Burris Tactical Rings and Bases get a Thumbs Up

Every once in awhile you buy a product that meets or even exceeds your expectations for what money you paid out for the product. Burris Xtreme Tactical Rings and bases are such a product. I have used several brand name tactical rings and have been pleased with the performance. Burris falls in that category also, so what is different? The price is about half or less expensive than other brands and the performance seems to be as good as or even better than the higher priced brands. I won’t go into the specs but will include the wording below from the manufacturer. Since like you I buy my own gear it is so nice to have a product exceed my expectations. Now if the rest of the shooting world would step up to the plate. Have a great new year and enjoy the Texas Outdoors, Wild Ed

XTR Xtreme Tactical Rings
One look and you know Xtreme Tactical Rings are all about point-of-aim security and durability. The super-strong yet surprisingly lightweight, six-screw aluminum rings anchor scopes in place on any Picatinny rail or Weaver-style base to deliver unfailing return-to-zero. Available in 1” and 30mm sizes, a choice of four ring heights accommodates the installation of any sight from red-dots to large objective target scopes. The 1” height is perfect for all scopes on AR15/M16 flattop receivers, providing proper cheek weld.Designed and built for the rigors of tactical shooting and massive recoil, Xtreme Tactical Rings are not out of place on varmint rifles or big game rifles that may be exposed to the abuses of hard hunting and magnum recoils.

XTB Weaver-style Solid Steel BasesXtreme Tactical Bases are crafted from solid steel and engineered for maximum mounting flexibility and minimal height and weight. Mil-spec cross slots guarantee rock-solid attachment with any and all Weaver-style, Picatinny-style or mil-spec rings. Front base is reversible to provide multiple ring positions to accommodate various scope lengths.

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