Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Top 10% of Hunting and Fishing

Have you ever noticed that there are certain people that always catch fish or kill a big buck? Sure, anyone can get lucky and catch a big bass or kill the trophy of a lifetime. I am not talking about that. I am talking about the person that day-in and day-out kills a big deer or elk. We all know the fellow that goes fishing and comes in with a limit more times than not on a regular basis. My grandfather always told me that 10 percent of the hunters and fisherman take 90 percent of all the fish and game. That means the other 90 percent have to share the other 10 percent of the fish and trophy game. Not very good odds if you are not in the top 10 percent.

The purpose of this article is to tell you how to be in the top 10 percent. Now, I am not talking about the guy that has the money to go to a fancy game ranch where the bucks just step out in front of you, nor am I talking about those that can afford to fish in exotic destinations with the best guides. I am talking about being successful and in the top group wherever you hunt or fish. Remember, in order to be good at something you have to invest time, effort and money. One cannot pull Ole Betsy out of the safe or closet once a year, head into the woods, and expect to be in the top 10 percent of shooters and hunters.

Here is my advice to become good at whatever you pick. First try to go with others that are better than you are at the given task. Pay attention to what they do and ask questions. Learn what they have to teach and put it into practice. In this day and time you can buy books and DVDs from some of the best experts in their fields. If you want to become a top varmint hunter then get videos from the guys that win varmint hunting competitions or those that make the best calls and learn all you can from them. If you want to be a top shot take lessons from those that shoot like you want to shoot. Go on prairie dog hunts and practice long range shooting. On a typical three day prairie dog shoot, one will shoot more long range shots than most hunters shoot in a lifetime. What an opportunity to learn to be a top shooter. If you want to be a bass fisherman of note, learn all you can about bass; their habits and where they are in the water at different times of the year. Go scuba diving and watch bass. Learn everything you can about them and the equipment you need to catch them. If you want to learn the habits of an animal, get out in the field every chance you can. Don’t just hunt the seasons but get out and hunt with a camera in the off season. Practice, practice and practice some more.

Lastly but most important is to set goals and stick to them. If your goal is to kill a trophy 10 point buck, don’t settle for 8 point bucks. If you want to catch a 30 inch speckled trout then you must use baits and tactics to catch large speckled trout. That may mean fishing with large top water baits and catching nothing while others pull in 15 inch trout all day on shrimp tails. If your goal is just to catch more fish or fill you game quotas more often, evaluate how you are doing in reaching that goal. If you are not reaching your goal then don’t keep doing the same thing over and over. If what you are doing is not working change something and keep learning until it starts making sense. Did I say practice, practice, practice?

I know people that can look at an area and tell you where the bucks will be, where the predators will come from, what part of the field the dove will fly over or what part of the lake will hold fish. They were not born with that ability, but learned it just as you can if you are willing to put in the time, effort and money to be in the top 10 percent.
Have fun in your quest, Wild Ed

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Doug said...

Good post. I wish more people understood the value of honest hard work, even when it is only for fun.