Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Easy Gun Cleaning and Protection

I have been shooting since I was a small child. I still hunt with a Remington model 700 in .243 caliber that my father gave me when I was six years old. It does not look near as old as I do and that is mainly because I take good care of my firearms. These days there seem to be a lot of times that I just do not feel like doing a complete cleaning job on the family firearms when we come in late from a hunt or a day of target shooting. I recently was told about a gun care product that really sounded too good to be true. I have to say I am always skeptical of such claims on any product as I have used the old and true methods for years. I will always have a bottle of Hoppes #9 in my cleaning kit no matter what else is made as that was what my father, his father and every other relative I grew up with used to clean guns. I am also making room for some modern products as we get better and better with our science of metal care.

The gun care product I have been using is called EEZOX. I have been using it on some of my bolt actions and my AR-15 platform rifle and am becoming quite convinced that is one of the best products out there. I have found it to be an excellent lube for the AR-15 trigger as it goes on wet then drys and does not attrack grit. It is a multi use product and serves as a cleaner, lubricant and rust protection. I am finding by using EEZOX I do not have to clean my firearms immediately on returning from a hunt or shoot. I can put it off for a day or few and not worry about it. I will not try to go into all the specifics of how it works and will let those that want to know more read about it on the product website at the following link. It is a product that serious hunters and shooters will want to consider adding to their gun care. I recently used it on my saltwater reels and will now add that to its uses as it seems to really do well as a rust preventive.

Hope you enjoy cleaning your gear more than I do,
Wild Ed


Anonymous said...

A clean firearm is a must for everyone for a number of reasons. If you find a product that works for you than stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Great Artical.. Thanks