Monday, October 5, 2009

Bushnell Trophy Cam Review Continues

Not long ago I bought a Bushnell Trophy Cam Digital Trail camera with night vision. If you did not get a chance to read the article here is the link.

I have had it out in the field for a while and it has taken hundreds of pictures. The thing that has really impressed me is I have not had to change the batteries. The manual claims it will run 6 months on 8AA batteries or a year on 8AA lithium batteries. I do wish the night vision would reach farther out but that has been my gripe with conventional flash on other trail cams. At least the night vision is not advertising to every thief in the county that I have a trail camera taking pictures as the old time flash trail cams do. I have including some night vision and some early/late daytime pictures for you to judge for yourself. Good Scouting, Wild Ed

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Albert A Rasch said...

Hey Ed,

What's that raccoon looking creature in the second to last picture?

Best regards,
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Wild Ed said...

It is a Ringtailed cat. They are native to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. They are a very unique cat like creature but have a musk smell like a mink or ferret. They are rare even in their native habitat.

Bushnell Trophy Cam said...

Hi Friend,
It sounds like you are as jazzed about the Trophy Cam as I am. I own and have tested many game cameras over the last few years, and battery life has always been an issue. That is what really drew me to this cam. I love it so far, so much that I put together a review video on it. I posted it up on Youtube if you think your viewers might find it helpful.