Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Texas Archery Season Opens Saturday Oct. 3rd

Archery season opens this Saturday in Texas and I am quite certain there are a lot of shooters that will be out with crossbows, and even some new hunters with regular archery equipment, for the first time. I wanted to take the time to remind you all of a few safety rules that I try to tell to those that hunt with me each year. They are simple rules but will keep you from hurting yourself, someone else or worse.

1. Keep broadheads covered or in a case unless you are actually hunting.

2. Do not point a drawn bow at anything you do not wish to shoot, it is too easy for a release to go off.

3. Treat a cocked crossbow just as you would a rifle. If you cock it, do not load a bolt until ready to fire or hunt. Do not point it at anything you do not wish to shoot and remember the safety is only that, don’t count on it.

4. Keep your hands or other objects out of the path of the bowstring; do not stick your thumb above the crossbow stock when firing unless you wish to lose it.

5. Make sure your bow or crossbow limbs will not strike anything when fired if hunting from a blind. If you are in a tree stand use a safety harness.

6. Do not climb into a tower or tree stand with your bow or crossbow; use a line to pull it up to you.

7. Tell someone your hunt plan and where you will be. I always tell someone what time I will be back in case something happens.

8. Carry a cell phone if you will be in an area with phone coverage.

Above all just be safe, ethical and have a good time.
Good hunting, Wild Ed

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Anonymous said...

This is a good post with some excellant reminders. So much can happen when it comes to archery that you really need to be paying attention.