Friday, September 4, 2009

Unique Trail Camera Pictures

My family and I have become ardent fans of the new tech trail cameras. We see all sorts of wildlife that come to our feeders and water troughs that we did not have even a suspicion of them living on our place. It gives us a glimpse into life after dark and of the predators and other wildlife that are nocturnal in their habits. We have used them as a tool to catch trespassers and others that have access to our place when we are not there. It is almost as much fun as hunting to retrieve the SD cards from the cameras and see what has left a picture for us each week. I received the following pictures in an email and do not even know who to give credit to for the shots. They are pretty unique and I wanted to give my readers the chance to see them. If you take some special trail cam shots please send them and I will post them for everyone to enjoy. Hope you get some great pictures, Wild Ed

Notice the coons on the feeder with the wild hogs feeding under the feeder. There are also some eyes in the grass to the right of the tree.
Notice the strange log to the right of the tree back of the feeder.

The log turned out to be a large gator on the hunt at the feeder.

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Anonymous said...

I bet that gator was a surprise.

Chris said...

Cool pictures! I can say that was my first time seeing a gator on a deer camera. Click here to check out our great selection of deer cameras.