Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Place to Hunt in Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife has set up a new online site with the purpose of bringing private landowners and hunters together. I hear from lots of hunters that can not find a place to hunt every year. On the other side of the coin are landowners that have hunting available and not many ways to get that information out to the hunters around the State. Many landowners only advertise locally which leaves out the rest of the hunters that don’t get the local publications. TPWD is providing a place for landowners to post what they have available and all pertinent contact information. Hunters may browse through and contact those landowners and outfitters that spike their curiosity. Here is the link to the listings:

Remember these are private lands and owners, they have not been checked out by TPWD so it is up to you to do your own homework. This service is intended only to bring hunters and landowners together; it is however another service you can use to find your own place to hunt. Good hunting, Wild Ed

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