Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Walther P22 Compact Pistol

My wife and I recently went through a class to obtain our concealed carry license. We were doing some training and shooting practice and the cost for 9mm and .45acp ammo was stacking up fast. We often shoot our Ruger semi-auto .22 pistols but they are large and heavy even though they are in .22 long rifle. Jena wanted something smaller that could be used for training with the feel and function of a combat pistol. While at the local Academy Sports we saw a Walther P22 military model and it seemed to fit the ticket. It is a small compact pistol in .22 long rifle caliber but has all the features of a full size military or combat pistol. The frame is made of polymer making the pistol light weight. Being of .22LR caliber there is little if no recoil and with the interchangeable front sight blade it can be sighted in to whatever load you are using. The gun comes with two interchangeable grip frame back straps so you can fit it to your hand. The accuracy is combat acceptable thought not up to what the target model Rugers can achieve. All in all I believe we will enjoy the little gun and it will see a lot of holster time. Below I have listed all the features.

Stay ready, Wild Ed

The WALTHER P22 is fascinating in its compact size, while still maintaining all of the features of a full-size pistol. Constructed using a modular manufacturing concept, the P22 offers several different equipment configurations. The barrel can be changed out or a red dot sight can be mounted--almost instantly. Features of the P22
Interchangeable frame back straps create an ideal fit to the shooter's hand
Compact design and light-weight are achieved by a modern polymer frame (just 480 grams, including the magazine)
Traditional double-action operation
Ambidextrous controls for both left and right hand shooters
Integrated trigger lock, loaded chamber indicator
Magazine disconnect, hammer safety and firing pin safety for safe and reliable operation
Modern, eye catching high tech design
Fixed barrel for incredible accuracy
Windage adjustable rear sight and elevation adjustment with interchangeable front sights for variations in shooter operation
Interchangeable barrel (sold separately) can convert the P22 from the standard configuration to the target version in minutes
Includes 1 Magazine


Paladin said...

This is on my short list of guns to get in the near future. I've read lots of good things about it.

Michael said...

That's agood looking piece of hardware! I found your site via The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles, another fellow that seems to know what he's talking about.

Great stuff!
Mike S.

Wild Ed said...

Stop by anytime Michael. Albert always has some good stuff over on his site.

Albert A Rasch said...

You fellows are too kind.

Ed, that is a really nice handgun, I'm going to put it on my wish list! Really.

The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.
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Walther P22 said...

Love the P22, thanks for the great review!