Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Texas One Step Closer to Legal Crossbow Hunting

It has been quite a battle and though not yet over Texas hunters are a step closer to being able to hunt in Archery season with a crossbow. I have been using a crossbow for several years now due to dual shoulder surgeries and have found that it is no more effective than my old Matthews compound. I also look forward to my daughter and wife joining me in the blind during archery season as they both shoot a gun but no longer bow hunt. Hopefully Governor Perry will get it signed into law and the division between hunters will be a thing of the past as those against the crossbow see that it is not the evil many of them believe. Good hunting whatever you choose, Wild Ed

Bowhunters, one and all
Mike Ward Wild game, look out.
A bill that would open Texas’ archery hunting season to all hunters using crossbows for the first time was passed in final version by the state Senate this afternoon — a move that some say could put many more hunters in the field.
Previously, only disabled hunters could use crossbows during archery season.
But State Sen. Chris Harris, R-Fort Worth, the Senate sponsor of House Bill 968, said opening up the archery season to all crossbow hunters would increase sales of state hunting licenses.
“By some. How much I don’t know,” he said.
Harris said several states such as Maryland and Ohio allow hunting with a crossbow during archery season without any negative effects. In those states, the overall number of hunters during archery season has increased.
In years past, Harris said, the use of crossbows has not been allowed during archery season.
They look like guns, both because of the stock and way they are shot. But the crossbow delivers an arrow with the same type of drop as a long bow, according to an official analysis of the bill.
While guns can be fired from 400 yards to drop game, a crossbow must be shot from a much closer distance of 50-100 yards, supporters of the measure said.
The measure that the Senate unanimously approved was the same as the House earlier approved. It now goes to the governor to possibly be signed into law.


Anonymous said...

I've been told that I could possibly get a permit to hunt with crossbow because of my condition. I just might look into that.

Wild Ed said...

Rick in Texas I just had to get a letter from my Doctor saying I had a permanent upper limb disability. I have hunted for several years with a crossbow.