Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tell Texas Parks and Wildlife Not to Raise Fees

Texas Parks and Wildlife is getting ready to raise hunting and fishing license fees and is holding public meetings for comment. At the following link is a schedule of the public meetings.

Please take the time to go make a comment or at least send an email to TPWD at the following email contact:

TPWD is conducting 21 public hearings to present recommendations seeking a modest $2-$4 bump in license and boat registration/titling fees. The department says the fee increase is necessary to address critical needs.
Under the proposed increase, hunting licenses would go from the current price of $23 to $25, while the popular Super Combo all-inclusive license would increase from $64 to $68. Fishing packages would increase by $2.
The vast majority of boat owners in Texas would also see only a small increase in boat registration and titling fees under the proposal. Biennial boat registration for vessels less than 16 feet in length would increase from $30 to $32 and those in the 16-26 foot range would go from $50 to $53.
Two exceptions pertain to larger craft. Those vessels 26-40 feet in length would increase by $40 and 40-foot-plus vessels would go up by $110. These larger increases are necessary because the department has been undercharging for these larger boats for many years in comparison with smaller boats, especially when considering the fee as a percentage of boat size and value.
The public is invited to comment on these proposals by visiting the TPWD Web site or by writing TPWD Public Comment, attn. Robert Macdonald, 4200 Smith School Rd., Austin, TX 78744 or email

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